Dream folding sliding door FD-884 - Japan

  • Dream folding sliding door FD-884 - Japan
Product Dream folding sliding door FD-884 - Japan
Id FD-884
Made in NHẬT BẢN
Guarantee 36 tháng
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Dream folding door Japan Dream FD-884 from Dream brand manufactures 100% of the factory located in Japan suitable for narrow installation spaces but in terms of demand which requires high water opening to meet security.

High traffic as automatic doors in the airport. FD-884 is more aesthetically pleasing than normal automatic sliding glass doors because FD-884 does not use guide rail on the floor so you can move objects or specialized vehicles of people with disabilities.

Easy and most convenient. Not only that, with the advantage of not using the rail on the floor, the closeness is almost absolute so FD-884 can be applied to hospital doors, operating room doors.

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