Gate automatic horizontal Turbo 80 - KEY

  • Gate automatic horizontal Turbo 80 - KEY
Product Gate automatic horizontal Turbo 80 - KEY
Id Turbo 80
Made in YTALIA
Guarantee 36 tháng
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The ITALIA Turbo horizontal sliding gate 80 is made in ITALIA, designed with super-hard gearing directly running the rail on the gate. KEY brand products are manufactured on a closed, modern technology line, the most advanced technology, connecting operating settings with smart homes.

Features standard automatic horizontal sliding port Turbo 80.

The transmission material design technology is durable, optimal operation under all temperature conditions.

Plastic box control box against the elements of outdoor climate, for aesthetic use in the long run.

The engine meets heavy load, super hard steel driving gear, monolithic aluminum shell and powder coating.

Easy to install features, programmable on controller.

Standard soft stop with mechanical brake combined with motor gear.

Maximum security with anti-reverse mechanism of electric motor with great force.

Microprocessor 24Vdc 14A controller, automatically recognizes newly installed parameters, reverses encountering obstacles in the journey, connecting to most common access control devices today.

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