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  • Gate automatic arm MASTIFF 300 - TMT Taiwan
Product Gate automatic arm MASTIFF 300 - TMT Taiwan
Brand TMT Automation
Made in ĐÀI LOAN
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Automatic gate arm MASTIFF 300 manufactured by TMT Automation factory 100% Taiwan closed modern European technology. Maximum safe DC 24V electric motor for high efficiency, smooth operation with almost no noise. Modern and compact design, maximum wing load of 300kgs / 3m, meeting European safety standards DIN 12445 - 12443.

MASTIFF 300 engine is built right on the gate, both improving the aesthetics and convenience as well as not changing the original architecture. Compact size used for large gates. Automatically reverses motor immediately when detecting two-way open and close obstructions. Works even during a power outage thanks to a large capacity (optional) UPS or manual opening with an appropriate lock (mechanical lock). Works well in harsh outdoor climates outdoors.

Features standard port automatic arm MASTIFF 300.

Opening and closing with remote control or buttons inside the house.

Optionally open 1 wing for pedestrians or motorbikes or open 2 wings for cars.

Using DC motor of 24 V DC, inputting power into 230Vac safely.

The door can be opened when the power is turned off by means of a mechanical lock.

Can operate even during power outages thanks to a large capacity UPS system (user option).

Opening and closing forces can be adjusted directly on the controller.

Meet obstacles automatically reverse engine immediately according to European safety standards.

Closing automatically from 15-20 seconds or remote control when someone moves through the gate.

Adjustment of latency of 2 wings. Micro computer control microprocessor automatically records the parameters from the very beginning of the port installation.

The time of opening and closing the base wings 10 seconds to 12 seconds can be adjusted to adjust the settings depending on the actual needs of users. Easy to install, simple to use, saves on routine maintenance costs.

Can be used in combination with card control systems, smart homes, batteries, power banks.

Save energy consumption, green technology environmentally friendly.

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