Gate automatic swing open RAY FAST - KEY ITALIA

  • Gate automatic swing open RAY FAST - KEY ITALIA
Product Gate automatic swing open RAY FAST - KEY ITALIA
Made in YTALIA
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Features standard gate open arm ITALIA model RAY.

The copper gear motor is designed to withstand high friction force over time, pulling heavy loads of wing length of 4m.

Optional motor 24Vdc or 230Vac.

Two-way soft stop mechanical brake that opens and closes the gate protects durable gate components over time.

Manually open the port with very little opening force by means of the included clutch lock, or automatically switch to the unit if you have the option of installing the unit.

Safety anti-clamp European standard safety sensors mounted on both sides of the port.

Microcomputer centralized controller, automatic programmable, it is able to automatically record the parameters right from the beginning of the installation such as: stroke, wing load,.

Anti-theft with anti-reversal mechanism of electric motor by mechanical agents with force up to 2000N.

Pair with safety devices such as warning lights, safety sensors, magnetic induction rings.

Can connect with devices to control access such as fingerprints, video bells, anti-theft systems.

Quick installation and extremely simple operation, RAY type mounts directly on the gate.

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