Automatic Barrier Comunello LIMIT 600 6M

  • Automatic Barrier Comunello LIMIT 600 6M
Product Automatic Barrier Comunello LIMIT 600 6M
Id LIMIT 600 6M
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Automatic barrier installation Comunello LIMIT 600 6M.

Lifting speed can be adjusted to the actual installation of the building.

Control mode opens with a push button.

Automatically downgrade after a certain period of time to install for it, but this time you install depending on the actual needs.

Standard two-way soft stop lifting and lowering lever.

When the power goes out, you can manually open the clutch lock (key form) to lift the lever.

Also with the feature automatically switches to backup power on the controller when the power grid.

It is possible to connect dynamically between two barriers in the same control system in the form of "secondary and primary".

Pair connection with remote control by wireless signal, with encoder included.

The central control unit connects with warning lights, safety sensors, magnetic induction rings, or access control devices.

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